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Sugarcane, also known as bagasse, is a renewable, fast growing resource that is grown for a number of purposes, like cane juice. Once the juice is extracted, the sugarcane stalk is usually incinerated or discarded. This leftover stalk is called bagasse.  Usually, they consist of 40 – 60% cellulose, 20 – 30% hemicellulose, and about 20% lignin. Wasted found a creative fun way of using this waste to make quirky decor items. We reclaim this material and use it to make beautiful home décor items, while doing our bit to give back to nature.


Bagasse Coasters - The Process:

  1. The residual sugarcane fibre is stored wet in order to remove the short fibres and residual sugar because they may hinder the further processing.
  2. The bagasse is blended with water until the compounds have developed into a pulp.
  3. Biodegradable bleachers are added. In this step, it is also possible to add further additives. But since we want to have a product that is as natural as possible, our manufacturers forgo this step!
  4. The pulp is poured into a form and pressed into the desired shape by the aid of high temperatures and pressure.
  5. Then the coasters are ready to be painted.
  6. Our artists spend anywhere between 3-10 hours to get the detailing on each coaster perfected just for you. Our aim to spread Environmental awareness and promote eco-friendly Art.


‘Wasted’ started with one simple idea to recycle things for more than just their reusability, to recycle them for their beauty. We realised art could transform otherwise un-useable products into creative pieces that have practical uses as well. And with the bagasse we are achieving just that.


We ensure that each of our bottles, egg-cartons and other materials are sourced from places that do not have a direct way of recycling their waste. We enable business owners to recycle their products without having to go through the hassle of looking for sustainable discard solutions. We thoroughly clean and sanitize the recycled material to get it ready for our artists to handle. Each Design Is Painted With Care to ensure the outcome is beautiful and special. 


Waste does not need to be ugly and we work very hard to prove that. So you can now save the planet while also giving your room the makeover you've been waiting for!

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