Tips for an eco-friendly Dussehra celebration

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While we have a gala time during the 9 days long festivity of ‘Navratri’ and visit various pandals to relish our taste buds with delectable meals and admire with awe the larger than life idols of Maa Durga; our sense of responsibility towards that life-giving nature takes a back seat.
After the hustle- bustle of 9 holy nights comes Dusshera- the day of victory of Good over evil. Vijayadashami or Dusshera is a festival celebrated to mark the triumph of good and is a beginning of the harvesting season.
But every year nature is being depleted from its resources and is rewarded with idol immersed water bodies and choking pollution shrouding the breathable layer of air in our environment.
Here are some tips for an eco-friendly Dussehra celebration without waning the merrymaking brought along with festivity.

  • Worship eco-friendly idols - Your devotion is measured by the faith in your heart and not by the life-sized idols. This year lets worship eco-friendly idols and promote the cause of ‘Green’ Dusshera by using organic and chemical free paints. Using naturally colored dyes and organic clay is the best way to worship Goddess Durga and amp up the festive vibes.
    • Use energy-efficient lights - Marketplace is studded with colorful bright lights and looks mesmerizing to the onlookers.  Bring home the most durable and energy saving lighting options available in the market and light up your space this festive season. Strip lights and bulbs hung outside shops and homes adds charm to the overall festivity.
    • Say ‘No’ to loud DJ’s - With traditional ‘dhol’ being isolated from the celebratory, banging DJ’s have been accustomed to express our joy. This has increased the level of noise pollution and added to the chaos during the merry-making. This not only affects humans but these loud noises scare off innocent animal life and given them a hard time to survive while we rejoice.
      • Reuse and Recycle - Festivals are the best time to reuse and recycle once discarded materials and bring the DIY culture to our Diwali decor. Homemade Ravana's are the show stealer and decorating homes during the festival season with paper products and degradable elements like bamboo, flowers and leafy materials. Imbibing such culture is the best way to show our respect and loyalty towards the Mother Earth and its creator.
        • Be responsible - Amidst the heart pleasing moment and vibrancy all around us, we tend to care less about things that need utmost attention and care like animals, nature, and emotions. This year let us vow for being responsible and extending support to those who need it and make the celebration worth remembering for them.

        Vijayadashami marks a new beginning and with it, the countdown to Diwali begins leaving our hearts rejoiced. At Wasted, we want to spread the culture of recycling and imbibe the philosophy of cultivating art from the discarded elements around us and amp up or festive decor. Let us spread art with lots of love this Diwali with our extensive gifting options and home decor utilities.

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