Sustainable Living - How you can Do your Bit for Nature

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Being green is more than just buying ‘eco'. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. With the world being continuously exploited by our human greed, the day is not too far that we may not have much left for our future generation to live with. With the growing concern over the sustainable living, it is our duty that we do our tiny bit to save our mother earth.

We might think that we can't do much about it but it is here where we fail, it is with the smallest change that we can make a big one. And as one once said "Charity starts at home"  so does the sustainable living.


Add some plants to each room in your apartment. Choose plants that are indoor friendly and easy to maintain. A herb garden can serve double duty as food and air filter. For a cool design statement, hang a wall herb garden or a version of a “living wall”, or go rustic and re-use that old ladder as a plant holder.

Choosing home decor that's recycled/reused, will last a long time and requires very little maintenance is where we can start. Choose to decorate with real sustainability in mind using less energy, less water, and less non-renewable resources while still beautifying your home can be a hard one but not impossible. Take baby steps.

People who insist on an eco-friendly apartment will find that they save big bucks by recycling existing materials, choosing vintage furniture or skipping finishes and materials that are often more expensive and loaded with less-than-green chemicals. Creating an eco-friendly apartment is all about going “back to basics.” Natural materials, plants, sunlight and fresh air are low cost or free design options.


Relying on recycled materials and second-hand resources is the best way to combine sustainability with class and spruce up your home decor. Not only are you going to add something unique to your home, but you'll also minimize the need for raw materials and do something, no matter how big or small for the world, that's always a good feeling.

We at Wasted are trying to change people's outlook on recyclable products to help you make the right decisions for your health and home and by adding some recycled handmade decor options in the world we try to do our part. 

Each time you purchase a Wasted product, you reuse what would otherwise be disregarded in some corner of the world and you wouldn't give it a second glance. Now everybody's asking you where you got that quirky lamp?

In these contemporary times, 'Eco-Décor' is gaining wide popularity items made from discarded or recycled products. Recycled products such as lamps, mirrors, frames, furniture and statement décor items are highly popular for supporting sustainable décor as they not only make your home look stylish and beautiful but also add to the environment.

Which small changes will you make today? Cheers to green living! You can look at our Collections HERE!

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