Deck up With These Recycling Ideas for your Diwali Home Décor

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Diwali – The festival of lights as we all grow up hearing is not just a celebration but it is a tradition and a way to worship the almighty above. It is that time of the year when households are engaged in welcoming the festive vibes and embracing the positivity that travels in the air.

Diwali is a time of prosperity and it is said that the Goddess of Wealth -Lakshmi blesses everyone with her divine powers. Each member of the household is involved in some kind of chores and prays for a healthier life.

Preparing delectable dishes, adorning their walls with bright lights and decorating their homes with pretty things is the most common sight during the festive season. Home Decor is one of the most crucial elements of Diwali celebration. During this time, people get their homes and workplaces white-washed, clean out the trash and bring home new things.

Festivity brings out our creative side and what’s better than putting the resourceful substances to use. With the DIY culture running around the arena, let us cultivate the concept this year in our Diwali decorations and skate around.

Here are some delightful DIY Diwali home decor ideas for you-

  1. A colorful welcome- Craft a beautiful toran with leftover craft papers, handmade papers, fresh flowers and mango leaves for an authentic welcome for your guests. Toran makes a unique welcoming element when hanged outside the main door and is said to attract positive energies and bring inside happy vibes.
  1. Brightening up the space with DIY lights- Marketplace is studded with bright light strips and colorful LED bulbs during Diwali but handcrafted and recycled lights steal the most attention. Egg shells, colorful paper cups, and hollow decorative pieces are recycled into DIY light strips and create a magical sight while illuminating the place.
  2. Decorating homes using earthen potpourri and candles- The easiest yet the most beautiful way to make your home Diwali ready is to use potpourri, candles, and some flowers. The soothing smell of fresh flowers along with flickering candles is a sight to behold forever.
  3. Say it with Rangoli- Without a beautiful rangoli, Diwali celebrations are incomplete. This year try out recyclable and portable rangoli design using stencils and amp up the beauty with laces, pearls and diyas for a more charismatic look.

  4. Lighten up with oil lamps- We bet nobody has ever thought of using burnt old light bulbs as a home decor. But trust us as we speak, they can be one of the most creative DIY Diwali decor ideas. All you need is to take out a few light bulbs out of the trash, paraffin oil and a wick.

    Diwali decorations are incomplete without lights and colors, so this year bring out the creative side of yours and transform the most unusable thing into something unique.


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