5 Ways to Reduce Waste in your Day to Day Life

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It is important to recognize that our day-to-day actions create a great impact on our mother nature.  In today’s time Landfills are growing in at such a fast pace with growing population decreasing environmental concern that they have almost become hazardous to human life around. Waste produced by us in our day to day life might not seem much of concern but when you look at the size of these Landfills you will realize what mess we have created.

Wasted started with ideology to do our bit to save the environment and find ways to reduce waste and move towards a more waste-free lifestyle. Here are 5 easy to follow day-to-day habits that will help you to reduce waste.

  1.    Go out with Reusable Bags:

Reusable products play a very important role in leading a waste-free life. Having a reusable bag around help you to ditch plastic bags that come with every product that you buy. Every year India produces 62 million tonnes of urban waste. Using a cotton or jute bag with you will stop you from getting 5-6 plastic bags that you bring home after every shopping sessions.

  1.    Switch to paperless billing:

In the times where technology is taking over the world, it is important that we use technology to save our environment too. Switching to paperless billing will help you to save paper and create less waste. Ask your bank to send e-mails and message regarding your accounts details rather than posting it to your address. Avoid printing your account statement every time you withdraw from an ATM.

  1.    Opt for biodegradable packaging:

Overpacking has been a serious issue for a long time now. It tends to generate unnecessary waste which ultimately dumped in landfills. One can try to cook at home than to order pre-packed food. You can buy products that come in compostable packaging. Companies should try to use minimal packaging that is needed for the product or switch to alternative packaging ideas.

  1.  Buy in bulk:

Try buying in bulk whenever possible it not only saves your time but also helps you to avoid multiple packaging and plastic bags that comes with every visit to the grocery store. You should also switch to refillable and reusable products to help you save extra waste that you may produce.

  1.    Use your own bottles and cups:

We don’t actually realize how many paper cups we use in one day. When in the office try using your own cups and glasses rather than paper cups for your coffee and water, not only it helps you reducing waste but also encourages others around you to such alternatives.

So it’s time we start to inculcate these small day-to-day actions that may help us to build a better future for ourselves and your children. Let’s pledge to remember the 3 R's of our lives REDUCE.REUSE and RECYCLE for a better future.

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