4 Amazing DIYs for this Friendship Day

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There’s something extra special about homemade gifts. We all love them! Who wouldn’t love to receive homemade gifts?  Seeing the all the extra effort that you put in to make your friend feel special will always be appreciated. They really are the best kind of gifts to give with a personal touch to each of them. This friendship day we bring you some easy to make DIY gift ideas.

1. Mason jar with flowers

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We've found yet another creative way to use your old mason jars giving it a makeover and ideal for gifting. You can spray paint your old mason jar with any color of your choice (or your friend’s choice). Add some cute colorful Pom Pom trim around the jar to give it an adorable look. Then pick up your friend’s favorite Flower to complete the look. Make sure you trim the stems of the flower to make it a perfect fit for the jar. Add some water and you’re good to go.

2. Washi Tape Journals

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A perfect gift for a friend who loves to write and maintain a journal. It very easy to make and hardly takes time to make. This colorful journal looks like it took a lot of time and effort to make but it’s pretty simple. Plus, you can buy Washi tape in many colors and design it according to the receiver’s style, making it truly a one-of-a-kind gift. All you need is a plain notebook and some adorable Washi tapes.

3. DIY glitter clipboard

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This is a simple yet useful DIY which makes it an ideal gift to give to your friend helping them to organize in glamour. All you need is a photo frame, a heavy cardboard, binder clip and some glitter to add some shine. Remove the glass from the photo frame and cut the cardboard according to the size of photo frame so that it fits in properly then stick it with glue. Spray paint the cardboard and the frame in silver or gold. Take 2-3 binder clips and dip it in glue and then sprinkle glitter on it then stick these clips to your frame surface and Voila! You are ready with perfect looking glitter clipboard.

4. Scrabble Letter Art

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Got your old scrabble game kept away in a corner? Use your Scrabble tiles to create a lovable Scrabble Letter Art. Use hot glue to stick together with your Scrabble tiles and create an art piece spelling your favorite like “friendship” or “friends forever” or ”BFF”. Cut a small portion of ribbon and attach to the back of the Scrabble ornament with hot glue and allow dry time to make a hanger. You can also add any embellishments you desire.

This friendship season bring out your creative side and give a personal touch

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